Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Historic Election

Tonight, the American people elected the first African-American male to the Presidency.

I'm watching the live stream of the Grant Park rally on the Obama website, which has the feel of being at a rock concert. Music is playing in the background, like they do before the warm up band appears, and again before the headliner band comes out. Just goes to show how much the Internet has played a role in this election. I agree with other opinions that have compared this election, and the use of the Internet, to the TV in the 1960 election. But the similarities do not stop there.

Kennedy was young and vibrant, Nixon was old and set in his ways. Kennedy was a dynamic speaker, Nixon less so.

It's amazing, really, what America did tonight. Clearly America believes Obama is the man to bring about change, and set this country a new course. The question now is, can he deliver?

McCain deserves some props as well. He fought a long, hard campaign. He hung in there. For a 73-year-old man, he has quite a bit of energy! He's a believer, a man who takes action. He put himself out there, twice, and though defeat both times now, he has shown grace and civility; qualities that should be associated with being American.

And Bush, well, he destroyed his party. He let Cheney run the show, and Cheney ran it into the ground. The Republicans will have to sit out for the next 4 years, and attempt to rebuild. I think the events beyond their control cost them this election, but some of those events slipped form their control because of Bush. America tonight did not forgive and forget, and the Republicans will have a long battle ahead of them.

Obama is about to speak...