Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ZoHo Just Gets Better

I was browsing TechCrunch this morning, and came across this post about ZoHo now letting you login with your Google or Yahoo ID. That's awesome!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, ZoHo is a better suite of online apps than Google Docs. ZoHo is more feature rich, and it continues to demonstrate that it can use others APIs and applications more efficiently than companies than create them. ZoHo beat Google at its own game by using Google Gears to bring offline capability to its products before Google Docs. Now it is using other Google APIs and Yahoo APIs to make the process of logging in easier, and my guess is this only the start.

Perhaps ZoHo has improved its email feature now, too. The nice thing about Google Docs was that I could email my paper in Word to any email address. With ZoHo, I could only email it to myself, which then meant I had to forward that email to a professor; an extra step that made using Google Docs more worthwhile.

OK. Must go try logging in to ZoHo with using my Google account.

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