Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Google Earth is Everywhere

Google Earth seems to becoming ever more popular. There are two links on the Google Blog, one that talks about knowing where you are, which promotes Geography Awareness Week 2006 so we can all get to know the planet Earth a little better.

There is also the post on historic maps now on Google Earth, merging the old world with Google Earth as the title of the post proclaims. The post reminded me of a little known book called The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime by Miles Harvey. The story is about the stealing of ancient, old-world maps, and seeing the merging of technology and cartography makes me wonder if there is a new kind of theft going on, or is it really in the name of freedom of information and knowledge? Curious. Very curious.

And just when Google Earth doesn't seem to be enough places, I haven't seen a map of something on a news channel, local or cable, that doesn't have the words "Google Earth" in one of the corners. I do admit, however, that the use of Google Earth by news organizations makes for more interesting viewing of the topography of far off places where people do live. Visual representation of places you might not otherwise see, vs. reading about it in books, which I do anyway.

Nice to have a picture to go with the words though, isn't it?

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