Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Idiot Proof Website -- What a Concept!

Found this on Digg and thought it was funny. This guy has a blog called Reality Wired, and there is this post about the Idiot Proof Website that immediately made me think of the technologically unsophisticated people I know.

Naturally, I had to check out this Idiot Proof Website. Apparently quite a few other people have as well, and I hope they've found it just as amusing!

I'm a fan of Digg. I go there to find interesting, out-of-the-ordinary news, as well as "real" news stories but I'm a fan of its user generated content. One of the better places to find information, something funny or just completely random.

I've become a Digger! And it was a little hard, but not at all surprising, to learn that ad agencies and PR firms are playing people to digg stories. Not surprising. How can advertisers in the digital age make any money without resorting to exploitation?

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